Employee Advocacy Appeals Program

Employee Advocacy Appeals Program

Award Winning

Our award winning Employee Advocacy and Appeals program provides employees with the opportunity to discipline work-related issues in which they feel they have been treated unfairly.


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Who is Eligible?

  • Full time and part time employees with more than three months of continuous eligible service
  • Excludes Executive staff, Internal Auditors, Physicians/Medical Interns, ARNP and all PFP Management

Eligeble Issues

  • Adverse related employee action or treatment of how a Broward Health policy was applied
  • Review of Written Level II or above corrective action within 7 days (weekdays, Monday-Friday) after signing the corrective action as an acknowledgement of receipt
  • Unresolved issues with managers or other employees

Non-Eligible Issues

  • Issues involving state or federal legislation such as the EEOC
  • Contesting an established Broward Health policy
  • Performance appraisal reviews

​Employee Advocacy Hotline

Call: 954-473-7323