Diversity and Inclusion Initiative

Diversity and Inclusion Initiative

Diversity is Who We Are and What We Do

Broward Health is committed to a culture of respect, inclusion and equity for all. As a world class community healthcare organization, we value and celebrate the diversity reflected in our patients, their families, our workforce and surrounding communities - because such diversity and inclusion empowers us to deliver culturally competent care and drive innovation. This is conveyed through our outstanding Diversity Programs and services which impact our workforce, community and marketplace.

Three circle diagram reflecting patient, employee, and community.

Core Values

  • Fostering diversity and cultural competence in all aspects of the organization.
  • Upholding an inclusive culture within the workplace so that diverse talent is attracted and maintained.
  • Promoting respect and open discussion between colleagues in order to establish a conducive and successful work environment.
  • Developing a hospital system, that through the inclusive and diverse nature of employees, allows patients and the community to feel welcome to have their needs met.
  • Mediating grievances between employees and managers in the hopes of resolving situations that could not resolve themselves.

Broward Health is Committed to Maintaining a Diverse Workforce

The Workforce Diversity, Inclusion & Advocacy Department has been recognized as a leader in this arena.

We received the Freedom to Compete Award from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) in 2006 for our use of the appeals process in fair treatment of employees.