Diversity and Inclusion Training

Diversity and Inclusion Training

Training is One of Our Tactical Components

It provides the skills, knowledge and tools that are necessary to foster a more creative, inclusive, respectful and productive workforce. As a result, we strategically partner with our HR Department to educate our staff and sustain a culturally competent workforce.

Contact the Advocacy Department at 954-473-7322 to request training (mngrs).


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Available Courses

Ridging the Gap

(Included in BHLU Curriculum)

Course Description: For the first time in history there are five generations working simultaneously in the organization: Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennials, and Digital Natives . While we don’t always follow the same routine, the ways in which we approach work and relationships tend to reveal consistent patterns. This course will:

  • Examine the consistencies amongst these generations
  • Discuss leveraging their differences to achieve business objectives and increase retention and overall productivity
  • Identify methods for creating an effective and inclusive team

Cultural Fluency

(Included in BHLU Curriculum)

Course Description: Respect for cultural diversity is essential for success in the workplace; it is the foundation for building intercultural competence. As an organization's customer base (employees, community members, patients and their families becomes more diverse, we must be prepared and equipped to respond to their varied perspectives, values and behaviors. Failure to understand these cultural differences and manage our responses could result in increased disparity in patient care, leadership and an unpleasant work environment for employees. This course will:

  • Introduces key concepts, tools and techniques to counter some of the cultural stereotypes we may encounter in our day-to-day roles
  • Identify the sources of these stereotypes/biases
  • Discuss the importance of tailoring our daily interactions to meet the social, cultural and linguistic needs of our patients, their families and our departmental/organizational

Preventing Workplace Harassment

Course Description: Workplace harassment can prove costly for any organization as a result of increased absenteeism and turnover of victims, as well as significant impact on the team's overall work productivity, morale, collaboration, and employee engagement. This interactive course teaches participants how to identify, address and prevent harassment and bullying in the workplace. This course will:

  • Identify and define harassment from both a legal and real-world perspective
  • Describe the impact of harassment and bullying on individuals and their organization.
  • Discuss preventative measures and strategies to address bullying and harassment
  • Review and discuss Broward Health's policy on harassment and retaliation

From Inclusion to High Performance

(Included in BHLU Curriculum)

Course Description: Research has shown that organizations that proactively build and consistently foster a truly diverse workforce, typically outperform their competition. This course will explore:

  • The business case for embedding diversity and inclusion in the operations, policies and practices of the organization
  • The compelling impact on the attraction, engagement, retention and advancement of a highly-skilled workforce and overall profitability and success of the department/organization

Respectful Workplace

(Staff or Mgmt)

Course Description: In healthcare settings, an organization can only succeed when the unique skills, experiences and opinions of all employees are respected. Each employee has a responsibility to ensure that their workplace is respectful and inclusive. This course will explore:

  • Stereotypes/personal biases, harassment, and forms of communication, their effects on patient care and our abilities to perform our job responsibilities
  • The methods for resolution for issues that will arise in the workplace
  • The benefits of a respectful workplace and the impact that disrespect can have on our employee partners and overall productivity
  • Examples of unacceptable behaviors in an interactive setting