Leave of Absence Management

Leave of Absence Management

The Role of Matrix Absence Management

Matrix Absence Management administers the Family and Medical Leave, Americans with Disability and Military benefits, which fully comply with or exceed the federal requirements.

  • All leave related benefits are administered by Matrix Absence Management
  • If an employee expects to be absent for surgery, a procedure and/or three or more days for family or personal medical leave, they should contact Matrix Absence Management 24/7/365 via mobile app, online or by phone to initiate the process:
    • Matrix eServices Mobile App
    • Web filing www.MatrixAbsence.com
    • Telephonically (877) 202-0055 (intake calls average 6-9 minutes)
  • Employees should contact Matrix Absence Management immediately upon an unplanned leave, or up to 30 days before a planned leave
  • Matrix Absence Management will work with employees and/or their doctor to verify claim eligibility and administer their leave and return to work. Keep in mind, employees are required to receive clearance for duty from our Employee Health Department prior to returning to work in accordance with Broward Health’s Clearance for Duty/Return to Work Policy
  • Personal Leave and Sick Pay benefits are paid through Broward Health and Sick Pay approval will be managed by the Leave Administration Center

Leadership Communication from Matrix

  • Matrix Absence Management will communicate with leadership regarding their employees who are out on leave or submitted a request.
  • Within 1 business day following the first time an employees initiates a leave, the leader will receive a Welcome Email from [email protected] notifying you that an account has been set up on your behalf.
  • Effective December 1, 2022, leaders will be able to use their username and password when logging into their Matrix Absence e-Services Account. 
  • Matrix Absence Management will send a one-time verification code to your Broward Health email address as an added layer of security before you can access e-services. 
  • A sample message is shown below:


In addition to having an account set-up, Matrix will provide leaders with information on employees’ leaves in two ways.

1. Status Notifications

These emails inform leaders of new or updated information about absences on their team.  Please add [email protected] to the address book to make sure you don’t miss an email and it does not default to your junk mailbox.


2. Absence Calendar

The absence calendar provides a detailed, interactive view of employee absences over a 12-month period, allowing leaders to review previous absences and plan around future ones.

The information on the calendar will be customized for each specific leader with data regarding their specific team.

Sample Reports


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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for the employee to be approved?

Upon submission of the request, Matrix will provide employees with a packet via email or by USPS.. In accordance with federal guidelines, employees have 15 calendar days to submit their medical certification completed by their physician. If the employee does not qualify for FMLA, interactive discussions may need to take place in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Therefore, it depends on the case. Contact Matrix Absence Management at (877) 202-0055 or The Leave Administration Center at (954) 473-7701 for further discussion.

What if an employee’s leave is denied?

An employee has the right to appeal the denial of their leave benefits. In order to appeal, they should contact Matrix Absence Management online or by phone at 877-202-0055. They can also contact the Broward Health’s Leave Administration Center at 954-473-7701.

How do I maintain confidentiality for my employees who go on leave?

As a leader, you must NOT accept any medical information from your employee regarding their leave and refer them to Matrix Absence Management or the Leave Administration Center to submit medical information. It is critical that you maintain the confidentiality of your employee on leave and not share any details with others in your department. If colleagues ask about the status of the employee on leave, please advise that you acknowledge their concern for their colleague, but unfortunately you as the leader are unable to share any details regarding the leave.

How do I address patterns of absences?

Please refer to the Human Resources Attendance and Punctuality policy located in C360 under the General tab in MyPlace. If you observe regular patterns of absenteeism with your employees, please contact your Regional HR Department for assistance.