Financial Wellness

Ways to help with finances

Financial Wellness

Ways to help with finances

Is financial uncertainty a concern for you?

Individuals at all income levels are susceptible to financial difficulties.

Whether you struggle with living within your means or obsess about your financial solvency for retirement, almost no one is immune to the fears and anxieties associated with monetary issues.

Your Employee Assistance Program can connect you with resources to help you manage many of your financial concerns in a healthy manner. Some of the resources available to you include:

  • Referrals to a licensed mental health professional who can help you identify personal values and perceptions about money that can contribute to either adaptive or maladaptive fiscal behaviors
  • Access to EAP's lending library which contains resources that focus on issues such as effective budgeting and debt management
  • Help locating community resources whose mission is helping low income families ease heavy financial burdens

It has been said that "all things being equal, it is better to have, than to have not..." It is also true that financial wealth does not guarantee happiness. No matter what kind of distress you are experiencing regarding money matters, give us a call at 954-847-4327. Your EAP can help you sort out your concerns and set you on the path to greater financial wellness.

Recommended Resources

Check out these options

Apprisen - This agency is not for profit. They are certified to provide budget counseling, debt management, housing counseling (mortgage delinquency, first time home buyer,a reverse mortgages) and bankruptcy counseling that complies with current legal requirements. Some services are free, but if you select a service with a fee, you are responsible for any costs.

Broward Health Federal Credit Union

Federal Trade Commission Consumer Information - This website provides valuable information on credit and loans, ID theft, fraud prevention, shopping tips for big ticket items and everyday purchases, etc.

ACCESS Florida - This is a State of Florida website for food stamps, temporary cash assistance, pre-screening to see if you qualify, and links to many other resources.